Bipolar Disorder 2 Symptoms


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What are the symptoms of Bipolar Disorder 2?

Hypomania, not as pronounced, but still concerning

A diagnosis of Bipolar Disorder 2 may still lead to in-patient treatment, though the diagnosis is said to be less severe than bipolar disorder. Like any mental illness, Bipolar disorder 2 may not manifest itself until certain stages of life where it is brought out by stressful events, chemical changes in the brain, or lifestyle changes.

Some more obvious symptoms of Bipolar Disorder II include rapid and loud speech, moving quickly from one idea to another,  a feeling of increased energy, and a lower need for sleep. In this stage, also called a hypomanic episode, people may seem pleasant or exciting to be around, with an infectiously positive mood.  In this stage, the danger lies in impulsive or risky behavior and activities that would otherwise be avoided by a prudent person. The risk of everything from injuries to depleted bank accounts and sexually transmitted diseases increases as people choose to engage in risk-taking behaviors as part of their "high." At the other end of hypomania is significant depression, and people in this stage lose energy, the mood to take on ordinary activity, and may feel guilty or worthless for extended periods of time. In some cases of Bipolar Disorder II, people may cycle quickly between depressive and manic episodes, and such erratic behavior makes it hard to hold onto a job or maintain relationships, which once again creates stresses that may make problems worse.

Notes and Special Information

Special note: Always consult with a licensed psychiatrist for a diagnosis.